President Trump

January 20, 2017

President Trump spoke an incredibly strong and powerful inaugural address -- of course, reiterating so many things that he has said. I can guarantee you that nations around the world are trembling. Even our trading partners around the world are surely on edge as President Trump delivered a speech that was about America, about being strong, about trade, and about the American People. This was a speech of America first. There will be no more corruption, no more stealing from the middle class, and no trade deals that do not benefit America and her people.


I believe that he drove that home -- a message clear and with more authority and strength than we have seen in a very long time. We will not have countries believing that our military is weak; instead it will be more mighty more powerful than it's ever been before. The world, and our politicians on Capitol Hill, will get a message that the American people, not President Trump, will be a force to be reckoned with.


This was a speech about country, about people, and about future generations. May God's grace continue to shine upon us. God bless America and God bless God's people who made a decision to stand up and be steadfast, unwavering and fight for America.

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