Hillary Clinton spoke about her economic plan today in Detroit—a city certainly impacted by the economy.

August 11, 2016

Financial expert and national radio and television host Dan Celia, who leads Financial Issues Stewardship Ministries (FISM, www.financialissues.org), appeared on Fox Business’ “Cavuto: Coast to Coast” this week to talk about Donald Trump’s plan for the economy and infrastructure. Today, he says that Clinton’s economic plan will build up the government and tear down Americans.

“Hillary Clinton, by all accounts, will keep us on the trajectory of ‘prosperity’ through tax-and-spend policies,” Celia said. “These policies, of course, are akin to President Barack Obama’s strength through weakness. If there’s one upside to this, it’s that we know where it leads—we’ve had eight years of it. It’s quite obvious that Clinton will continue to demonize profits, the wealthy, prosperity and the markets.

“The only way we could ever have prosperity in the eyes of the progressive left is with bloated governments and more social control,” he continued. “Almost everything Hillary Clinton mentioned will have expansion and expense of the government attached to it. She mentioned the unleashing of the private sector, but it was quite obvious that means ‘unleashing’ the private sector as long as the government is firmly in control and getting far more than its fair share. Her plan is nothing more than pandering to her base, as she continued to indicate that there will be more and more opportunity to be dependent upon the nanny state.”

Celia added that Hillary’s Clinton’s economic speech was missing talk of new tax codes, numbers and details.

“Reading between the lines, it’s not hard to figure out that her plan is about building a government that we the people will be serving with our taxes. And today’s $19 trillion of debt will seem like a walk in the park compared to what we’ll have after four years of a Hillary Clinton presidency.

“No economy that is dependent upon the private sector could possibly survive when those who produce jobs are dis-incentivized, when those who make money are punished by paying more taxes, when those who want to expand are slapped with more regulations,” Celia said. “Hillary Clinton’s plan will keep the left in power for as long as this country exists, and in three years, a majority of the voting bloc will be dependent upon the government for their existence. There will never be another election that will defeat that.”

Celia addresses financial headlines and takes calls from around the country on his daily radio and television program, “Financial Issues,” which airs on more than 600 radio stations, the NRB network and BizTV. It is also live-streamed on the Financial Issues with Dan Celia YouTube Channel.

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