RNC Economic Wrap-Up: Instilling Confidence in America Will Drive Nation Back to Prosperity

July 20, 2016

Financial Expert and National Radio and Television Host Dan Celia Says Tax Relief, a Simpler Tax Code, Creating Jobs and Making Trade Deals Will Benefit America and the American Worker

PHILADELPHIA, Pa.—During last night’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland, talk continued about how to ‘Make America Great Again,’ and that includes a focus on jobs and the economy.

As he listened to the speeches, financial expert and national radio and television host Dan Celia says it has become more apparent throughout the week that the greatest asset of a Donald Trump administration will be instilling confidence in America’s business community.

“That is what will drive us back to prosperity,” Celia said.

“We heard some talk last night about tax relief, simplifying the tax code, creating jobs and making trade deals that would be good for America and, most importantly, the American worker,” said Celia, who leads Financial Issues Stewardship Ministries (FISM, www.financialissues.org) and hosts “Financial Issues” daily on more than 600 radio stations. “Certainly, many people want to hear details on tax codes and job creation plans. But, remember, we are living in an environment with the highest corporate taxes and the most complicated tax codes in the world—a place where it almost seems illegal to make a profit. So businesses, both small and large, are suffering from a lack of certainty, stifling regulatory burdens and waning consumer confidence that has been created by an administration that is far more consumed withspreading rather than creating prosperity.” 

Celia added that RNC viewers shouldn’t expect an enormous amount of detail to emerge from the convention, or even from the speeches leading up to the election.

“What we can expect to hear and need to embrace is the ideology that is being disseminated from Donald Trump and what we might expect the see in a Trump administration,” Celia said. “Right now, a future Trump administration would appear to be directly opposed to demonizing profits, the disdain for fossil fuels, creating more regulatory burden, and punishing large businesses and the very people who are creating thousands of jobs. A Trump administration’s strengths appear to be having the conviction to reduce both the size of our government and our deficit, and, most importantly, instilling confidence in corporate America to take an active role in keeping America the greatest economic powerhouse in the world and reigniting American strength and leadership.”

Celia predicted that the economic policies of a Trump administration will very likely show an ideological difference from the current economic state.

“We can rest assured that our road to prosperity—to leaving the next generation in a better place than we found it—is just around the corner,” he concluded. “If we haven’t learned anything else, we can see that the ideology of one’s heart can destroy in a short period of time. Resolve, strength and a true love for America, along with the recognition of God as our Creator, will turn America back to a path that we can all recognize. And it wouldn’t take long. I never thought I would say this, but the details of an exact plan are not as important as someone’s heart for America. We must stay focused on the stark difference between a Trump and Clinton administration as November approaches.”

Daily, Celia addresses important financial headlines and takes calls from around the country on his radio and television program, “Financial Issues,” which airs on more than 600 radio stations. The program is also seen on the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) television network, reaching 45 million households, and BizTV, which reaches millions more in major markets. To view Celia’s recent show clips, click here.

Celia focuses on financial stewardship every day when talking to thousands who want to honor God with their finances. He also often educates listeners and viewers about his stock “sell” list, encouraging those who strive to be biblically responsible with their investing to sell certain stocks based on the company’s involvement in immoral or anti-biblical issues, such as having stake in Planned Parenthood funding, pornography, same-sex marriage or other matters that should be concerning to Christians.

A financial expert and author backed by decades of financial experience, Celia is personally in touch with thousands of people each week from across the country. He has worked for 35 years as an entrepreneur and businessman, and has developed a biblically responsible system of financial management with great success. Celia started his radio program in 1997 and has interviewed newsmakers, experts, lawmakers and presidential candidates. He speaks at conferences, town hall meetings and investment conferences around the country, is the author of six books and publishes a weekly newsletter.


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Dan Celia is president and CEO of Financial Issues Stewardship Ministries and host of the national syndicated radio talk program “Financial Issues,” heard daily on more than 600 stations across the country and in millions of homes through NRB-TV, BIZ-TV and others. FISM believes that only revival will transform America back to its Judeo-Christian heritage and biblical values.

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