What Economic Recovery?

July 13, 2016

New Study Finds That Majority of Christian Conservatives Say Economy is in Decline; Aligns with Financial Expertise of National Radio and Television Host Dan Celia

PHILADELPHIA, Pa.—Federal reports claim the economy is in good shape, but in-touch economists, conservatives and American families know otherwise. A new study from the American Culture & Faith Institute finds that just a tenth of Christian conservatives think the economy is currently strong.

These findings certainly align with the insight of financial expert and national radio and television host Dan Celia, who has recently talked with Fox Business’ Neil Cavuto and Charles Payne about America’s struggling economy.

“This study of Christian conservatives reinforces what real-world economists, business owners and American workers have been saying all along,” said Celia, who leads Financial Issues Stewardship Ministries (FISM,www.financialissues.org) and hosts “Financial Issues.” “Simply put, the claims of a strong and growing economy are untrue. Even when ‘facts’ and ‘figures’ are cited, those numbers are skewed in such a way to create a false sense of security in an economy that is anything but secure.”

The group that the American Culture & Faith Institute calls “SAE Cons”—or spiritually active, governance-engaged conservatives—“are not buying what the government is selling.” Among Christian conservatives, fewer than 10 percent believe the national economy is currently strong, while 75 percent believe the economy is currently in a weak state. The other one-sixth of the group believes the economy is somewhere between weak and strong.

This same group of conservatives is also asking, “What economic recovery?” Less than 1 percent of the Christian conservatives say the economy is recovering strongly; 16 percent feel it is recovering, but not strongly. More than a third—36 percent—say that the economy is stagnant, and nearly half believe the economy is either slowly declining (33 percent) or in a state of strong decline (14 percent). Overall, 83 percent of those polled believe the country’s economy is either stagnant or declining.

“As the Republican National Convention begins next week, this country needs leadership who can bring back the middle class, which has been annihilated by this administration and the way they are painting a rosy picture of the economy,” Celia said. “Hillary Clinton’s economic policies—or lack thereof—will be a continuation of Obama-economics. How can she possibly address economic issues when she has repeatedly indicated that the ‘fundamental changes in America,’ which President Obama’s policies have created, align perfectly with her ideology? We need a change. We need to zero in on the real fundamentals of the economy. Do we want a stronger economy with more and better jobs? Then Hillary is not the answer. To say the outlook for our economy under Donald Trump is different than it would be under Hillary Clinton is the understatement of this election.”

Likewise, in a separate study, the Institute found that conservatives also believe “Federal Regulation and Economic Priorities are Out of Whack,” according to the culturefaith.com headline for the survey. Those surveyed reported that they “resent the federal government’s over-regulation of the nation’s businesses. They also lament the fact that most of the jobs being created in the nation are government positions and their opinions about future employment and regulation policies are also unambiguous.”

Ninety-four percent say that the federal government “has gone too far” in its regulation of the nation’s 28 million small businesses. Just 1 percent feel the government has “not gone far enough” in regulating small businesses. “More than 99 percent of the businesses that employ workers in the U.S. are small businesses, accounting for half of all jobs in the private sector,” according to the study.

“With the election just a few months away, many are wondering how the new president and his or her policies will affect the economy,” Celia said. “If the election results in another term like the years of Obama’s presidency, the impact will be severely negative. It would mean ongoing problems with declining incomes, increased poverty levels, lack of business and consumer confidence, over-reaching small business regulations and slow corporate growth. The way that regulations tie the hands of small business owners will never allow them to fully realize the American dream. And that must change.”

Daily, Celia addresses important financial headlines and takes calls from around the country on his radio and television program, “Financial Issues,” which airs on more than 600 radio stations. The program is also seen on the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) television network, reaching 45 million households, and BizTV, which reaches millions more in major markets. To view Celia’s recent show clips, click here.

Celia focuses on financial stewardship every day when talking to thousands who want to honor God with their finances. He also often educates listeners and viewers about his stock “sell” list, encouraging those who strive to be biblically responsible with their investing to sell certain stocks based on the company’s involvement in immoral or anti-biblical issues, such as having stake in Planned Parenthood funding, pornography, same-sex marriage or other matters that should be concerning to Christians.

A financial expert and author backed by decades of financial experience, Celia is personally in touch with thousands of people each week from across the country. He has worked for 35 years as an entrepreneur and businessman, and has developed a biblically responsible system of financial management with great success. Celia started his radio program in 1997 and has interviewed newsmakers, experts, lawmakers and presidential candidates. He speaks at conferences, town hall meetings and investment conferences around the country, is the author of six books and publishes a weekly newsletter.

For more on Financial Issues Stewardship Ministries, visit its web site at www.financialissues.org, its Facebook page, the YouTube channel, Financial Issues with Dan Celia or its Twitter feed, @financialissues.


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Dan Celia is president and CEO of Financial Issues Stewardship Ministries and host of the national syndicated radio talk program “Financial Issues,” heard daily on more than 600 stations across the country and in millions of homes through NRB-TV, BIZ-TV and others. FISM believes that only revival will transform America back to its Judeo-Christian heritage and biblical values.

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