Are the Markets Headed for the Perfect Storm?

June 07, 2016
Falling oil prices, coupled with high loan delinquency rates of oil companies and possible higher vacancy rates that may affect commercial construction, could be the making a perfect storm, says financial expert and national radio and television host Dan Celia, who leads Financial Issues Stewardship Ministries (FISM,

“The financial sector is a huge part of the markets,” Celia said on his “Financial Issues” program. “Are we setting up somewhat of a perfect storm in that we’ve got these falling oil prices, and we see a higher delinquency rate as a result of oil companies’ inability to pay their loans on time? And now we could possibly see higher vacancy rates and see a similar situation with commercial construction companies. It’s something we’ve got to watch very carefully. It’s another pause for concern in the markets.”

View a clip from Dan Celia’s show: A Perfect Storm

Celia addresses important financial headlines and takes calls from around the country on his daily radio and television program, “Financial Issues,” which airs on more than 600 radio stations. The program also reaches 45 million households on the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) television network, and BizTV, which reaches millions more in major markets.

Celia focuses on financial stewardship when talking to thousands who want to honor God with their finances. He also often educates listeners and viewers about his stock “sell” list, encouraging those who strive to be biblically responsible with their investing to sell certain stocks based on the company’s involvement in immoral or anti-biblical issues.

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