Health Care

August 14, 2015
Consider a new approach . . .

Some interesting numbers are coming out of TENET, one of the largest hospital owners in the country. The TENET CEO indicates that hospital margins are regularly somewhere between 4 and 6 percent. These are pretty low margins considering the operations they run. It's baffling how insurance company providers will, according to TENET, once again this year look at somewhere between 30 and 60 percent increases in their costs.

Apparently, part of the Obama deal was that the administration and others would look the other way as health care suppliers continue to gouge the people using the services of big insurance companies. The government continues to slash payments to doctors and hospitals for various services, lowering the margins hospitals make. Thus, people are denied more and more health care because it is unprofitable for certain procedures to be performed. Hmmm. Interesting.

Without doubt, these practices will severely impact our health care. Think about it-in a time when the government is slashing the cost of coverage and hospitals are working on low margins, health care and insurance companies are healthier than ever and continue to raise prices.

The current conservative presidential hopefuls are promising to dramatically change ObamaCare or revoke it and start over. If the next president fails to do that, the United States, once considered the country with the best health care in the world, will fall in step with the other single-payer Socialist nations. The worst part? All this is putting fear in the hearts of consumers across this country. No matter how inexpensive energy may become, people will still have an underlying fear about being able to provide health care for their families.

For Christians, one answer to this would be to look back to the book of Acts and remember how the early Christians helped one another and worked together. applies those principles and provides a simple solution for health care. My wife and I use the program. We have saved thousands of dollars since January in health care insurance premiums alone. With Samaritan Ministries we can choose what procedure we get and which doctors and hospitals we use. We put our health care back into the hands of our doctors and took it out of the hands of government.

As we continue to see more rate increases this year and health care services continue to slip dramatically, I believe more and more people will wake up to a "health-sharing ministry" like Samaritan Ministries. There are a few other health-sharing ministries, and I am sure they are all good. I simply felt the most comfortable with Samaritan Ministries after thoroughly vetting them. I strongly suggest you contact Samaritan Ministries to request a packet of information before agreeing to start paying an outrageous monthly or annual fee on January 1 to maintain your current insurance.

Check out my interview with one of the Samaritan Ministries' executives that explains some of the concerns I know many of you have. You can find our YouTube channel here. You can also subscribe - I would appreciate that. Just click on the "subscribe" link to get timely updates about videos that will be of interest to you. (Once you are on our channel, simply do a search for "Samaritan Ministries.")

I believe the private sector and free market health care companies could save the American health care system. Instead, they seem to be attacking it. Take steps now to protect you and your family.

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