What We Believe About Our Country

February 09, 2016
  • Restore America’s Core Values and our Godly Heritage
  • A moment of silence for children to pray in our Public Schools
  • For Abortion to be made illegal across the country
  • English as our official Language
  • Imposing Peace through strength to AL Qaeda, ISIS and other serious threats to our country
  • No Negotiations with known terrorist groups
  • A fiscally sound Social Security system
  • A single tax rate of 15 to 18 % for everyone, with standard exemptions for each adult and married couple
  • A national definition of marriage as being between one man and one woman
  • An America free of the dependency on foreign energy. Never again to be subservient to foreign nations.
  • Continued recognition and full support of Israel
  • Abolishing in America the unprecedented hostility towards Christianity and Judeo-Christian Values.
  • To enthusiastically seek free markets’ growth and free market thinking
  • To embrace Ronald Reagan’s values of Low Taxes, Smaller Government, Control of Spending, a Balanced Budget, Welfare Reform, Litigation Reform, Stressing Defense and Independence
  • A strong visa program for immigration and secure borders
  • A free market economy that encourages entrepreneurs to be productive, create wealth and stay, work, and produce in America.

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