Question of the Week

February 05, 2016

Understanding Real Estate Investment Trusts

Understanding Share Prices

Should I use Margin to add to a stock position?

What is the benefit of rebalancing?

When is it wise to refinance to get rid of PMI?

Can you give us an update on Zion Oil?

What is the future of Social Security?

Why is Asset Diversification so important?

Should we consider investing in bond funds or individual bonds?

How can I build credit?

What makes a TIPS bond fund better than a traditional bond fund?

Is a Roth or a Traditional IRA More Advantageous?

What are some alternative currencies to own?

What is your opinion on various online brokerage accounts?

Can you tell us more about Samaritan Ministries Healthcare Options?

Are home ‘short sales’ immoral or unethical?

What are TIPS (Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities)?

When is there a Capital Gains Tax?

Can I trust advertised high CD rates?

How can we avoid Obamacare?

Can you explain the call value on preferred stocks?

What makes a preferred stock different from a common stock?

What is the difference between large cap, small cap, etc.?

How can I create a charitable trust and avoid capital gains?

How long should we keep investment statements?

How do I prepare financially for long-term care?

Should we invest in Zion Oil (Oct 2014)?

Understanding the Implications of a Reverse Mortgage

How Can I Choose A Financial Adviser?

Can you explain how an annuity works?

How do I understand preferred stocks?

How does a self-directed IRA work?

Where/How can I learn about stock trading?

Where/How to buy silver?

What influences the price of silver and other metals?

What are some benefits of being a partner of the ministry?

How does a reverse mortgage work?

Why does the apparent improvement in employment not carry over to sales and the to the economy in general?

How should I plan for retirement in my 20’s?

How do “Gift Taxes” work?

How can we protect against inflation in our portfolios?

What are some differences between a charitable trust and a charitable gift annuity?

Should We Be Concerned About Inflation?

Should Everyone Have Life Insurance?

What are some of the advantages of a Charitable Trust?

What are the risks of gold/silver IRAs?

Should I withdraw from my IRA to pay off my mortgage?

Questions on withdrawing from 401K during retirement

How do Trust Funds work?

One World Currency: Is the “Amero” a possibility?

What are the benefits of having a financial advisor?

What are the possible effects of HR2847?

What is a SEP and how does it work?

Questions on the Iraqi Dinar

Impact of new EPA Regulations

What are the advantages of transferring a Traditional IRA into a Roth IRA?

How Does the National Debt Affect Individuals

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