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February 04, 2016

We frequently receive emails and calls asking us how to get started as a beginner in investing. Not to sound self-serving, but I can’t think of a better way for you to begin learning about investing than to partner with Financial Issues. Your $85 partnership is 100% tax deductible as a charitable donation and you will have access to a host of Dan’s Instructional Videos to get you started as well as all of Dan’s currently suggested Stock Buys, his list of Preferred Stocks, his Asset Allocation Models (broken down by age groups), his monthly Conference Calls with partners, and periodic email alerts (for more urgent communications with his partners).

Please see testimonials below from our existing partners:

My wife and I had been praying and asking God to show us someone who could help us with our finances, that had the same values and mindset, and to invest from a biblical perspective. God is faithful. Dan and Financial Issues have been the answer to our prayers. I now feel confident that we are “doing it the right way.” Dan is a warrior and as a business owner he has encouraged me to be the same. You are a blessing to us!


Mark and Carrie, MO

Dan, I’ve taken your advice over the past four or five years in getting out of mutual funds and switching to a basket of stocks that were on your buy list. All the buys that I took from your list are in the “+”. Again, thank you for your ministry. It is a blessing and thank you for your commitment to honor the Lord. It motivates me! Blessings to you Dan!
Anthony, ND

I am very thankful for the financial advice I have received from Dan Celia. His common sense advice is truly appreciated. It has also proven to be truthful and un-biased over the years and far beyond all the others I have looked at and listened to. In my opinion, he is a one-of-a-kind, honest person.
John, LA

We have been following Dan’s advice for many years now. It is such a joy to know that when we are investing we are not supporting abortion or homosexuality or the many other politically correct issues that are part of our society today. Our broker is constantly amazed at the wisdom of our choices as we have bought and sold, making profits that are substantial. Dan certainly does his homework and I am very thankful for his emails and regularly updated list of buys.
Sally, MO

Until I listened to Dan I had never given much thought to investing the Lord’s money in a way He would want us to. As a supporter of Financial Issues, I receive great advice and access to Dan’s picks and asset allocation models. It is one of the most important investments you could make. God Bless you Dan!
Becky, AR

It’s amazing that I have found a man, a financial man, who knows the market and the economy as well as you do and is willing to share that knowledge. When I heard about you, I started listening and became a partner right away. That was about 2 years ago. I now have a Schwab account and am investing. I have never had much to invest over the years but I am now blessed with an inheritance and making good money. You make the investing understandable and enjoyable. I can do it knowing the LORD has provided it all anyway. As I watch and listen to you, Dan, I am always learning from your ministry and I thank you for this opportunity. May the LORD continue to bless you and strengthen you.
John, VA

As a 79 year old, semi-retired businessman, my only source of investing after 40 years is through a partnership with Dan Celia of Financial issues. Dan has provided consistent and more than often amazing equity returns. My only regret is not partnering years ago.
Roger, MO

As a 24 year old married couple, it is so easy to never put any thought into retirement. After all, a lot of young people in America don’t even think about it, let alone save for it. However, as we look around at people we know, we realize that we do not want to be in the situation that a lot of them are in, having way too little money to actually make retirement a reality …or having already retired with not nearly enough money to last them until they are called home. This is where Dan Celia and all of the folks at Financial Issues come in. Through their following of the call God has placed on their lives, they are allowing the edification of everyday people like my wife and I. Listening to one episode of Dan answering callers’ questions will provide someone with more knowledge about money than I dare say most Americans have. In our society today we are taught that it is all about us and that if we want something, we should get it. And let’s face it, a lot of things in society today are not pleasing to the Lord. It is a society that breeds spending over saving and a mentality that biblically-sound spending and investing is something that should not be considered. And this is where Financial Issues excels. Not only does Dan bring about a strong knowledge of finances, but he stresses the importance of pleasing God with all that we spend our money on or invest our money in. So many people put zero thought into where they are investing their money yet claim to stand up for the principles of Christianity. How can we publicly rebuke pornography, abortion, etc. and then invest our money in companies who support these practices? Doing so presents a confusing message to the unsaved world. Dan does so much work behind the scenes in order to allow us as Christians to place our money in companies that stay away from supporting things that go against God’s will. That alone is easily worth a yearly partnership fee. Whether I lose or gain money based on Dan’s suggestions is beside the point. I can sleep soundly knowing that I am not putting my money into something that is breaking God’s heart. While my wife and I are young and are not heavily invested, I can speak to the success one can have from following Dan’s picks. My father has been following Dan for years and is doing great financially because of it. To me, as I stated previously, this is just a plus, as the real value of Dan and Financial Issues is the work done to allow us to invest biblically. Not to mention that you will stay up to date on current issues and how they will impact our economy. If anyone is contemplating partnering with Dan, I urge you to put aside any hesitation or reservation and jump in. Words cannot fully describe the immeasurable value you will gain from doing so. In Matthew 6:33, Christ calls us to “seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness.” This has, and will always include where we invest our riches. For we will be lukewarm if we seek the wisdom and righteousness of God while trying to gain worldly wealth in things that He despises. God Bless!
Chase, TX

First of all, listening to Dan’s tireless energy on the air and in person at his “town halls” makes you just know that he is an instrument sent from God in this day of “who can you trust?” especially in the world of finance. An added bonus is his advice to partners. You know for certain that a lot of time and experience went into his decisions to buy a stock and even better when to sell a stock. Just to give you two examples from among many (not counting dividends): A 67% return on a utility and a 38% return on an oil company. The fee he charges for his partnership is well worth it; I even think it is too low for what you get and I for one would pay more. One more thing, I also utilize other newsletters and when I see a stock recommended on that newsletter I can see if it is also on Dan’s list. If it is, I know the stock is also not offensive to God.
Phil, VA

What I love about partnering with Financial Issues is Dan’s integrity, sincerity, and the hard work he provides to his members’ financial needs. God Bless.
Paula, NJ

I don’t know of anyone else who is doing what you are. I believe you are sincere and I trust your judgments and believe you are in this business for the right reasons – to help other Christians with their finances and you are doing it in a biblical manner. I listen every chance I get and am learning every time I listen. I love the way your ministry is set up so that I might have the courage to learn how to invest my own money and feel good about where it is. Thank you so much for helping us out!
Linda, KS

I have been a member going on 3 years. I have listened to you for approximately 6 years on the radio. You have blessed my family with the use of Dan’s picks. I just took a profit on 3 stocks that appreciated over 30%. One had appreciated over 70%. I tell many people about you, your radio show, and most importantly, your web site. Thank you so much for your belief, in how you pick stocks, and for all you do for us.
You have truly blessed my family!
Walt, MS

YES!!!!!!! I joined about a year ago, but have listened for two or three years. I invested $36,000 of my new wife’s money about 1 1/2 years ago, and it is now $45,000, I started listening to Dan about 3 or 4 years ago and, after following his advice, I got out of almost everything I had been advised to invest in. I am sure that my results are as good as my wife’s and maybe better. Every stock is three to seven dollars higher than when I bought it. Thank you, Dan and AFR, for standing for principles and integrity, and for loving our MASTER.
Gerald, IL

I very much appreciate Dan Celia and his advice. As a member, I have certainly made much more money using Dan’s stock picks than on my own. I bought stocks in my Vanguard IRA, and also in my Health Savings Account (which includes trades on TD-Ameritrade). I have also listened to him regarding a Thrift Savings Plan investment for a near retiree. I have received only good advice, and all of Dan’s picks have been very good, and made money. Some picks are really great, as far as return on investment. I thank him for all his patience, hard work, and diligence. Well satisfied and continue to be a member.
Nancy, IN

I have been a partner for less than two months. I have accessed excellent information from the web-site and always learn when listening to the radio program. As we approach an uncertainty in our financial future, I feel great comfort in better understanding what and why it is happening, and knowing I have somewhere to seek help that I can trust.
Sandra, VA

We just wanted to thank you as partners of your ministry. We are missionaries in Mexico and we have small IRA accounts. We have invested most of our earnings in the kingdom and sacrifice to support other missionaries around the world. We don’t ever plan on retiring and will continue in the ministry as long as we are able to function. In other words, our main portfolio is in heaven where it will never lose its value. We look forward to having you over to our mansions one day when we are all with the Lord. We are here such a short time and our IRAs will supplement our income in our final days or be passed on to our children if the Lord tarries. We have benefited from your buy and sell alerts and have received a ten-fold return on our investment into your ministry with the returns we have received in our accounts in the past year. I (John) listen to your program daily and appreciate your viewpoints on the economy. We pray God’s blessings on you as you bless the believers who follow your advice. In the Father’s love,
John and Patty, Mexico

Dan, a personal thank you for all the valuable financial information you give. As a new widow, I became a member shortly after my husband passed away. As a member, the information you offer, especially from a Biblical perspective, gave great insight to me for some of the financial decisions I had to make now that I was on my own. Your heart and ministry is God honoring. I encouraged my two children to become members as well (which they are!).
Nancy, MS

I appreciate your straightforward, no fluff approach for the rocky financial road we are on.
Art, FL

I had taken my retirement in a lump sum and invested it with a very well-known investment company. After losing one third of my investment GOD brought me into contact with Financial Issues. This was done after much prayer and seeking guidance of THE LORD. Though not back to where it was, my capital is being preserved with some growth, which in these times says a lot. Thanks Dan, I pray GOD will continue to give you great wisdom to impart to His people.
Bill, SD

Being a member of Financial Issues is great! We are now getting solid advice on investing… something we have needed for a long time! Thanks Dan and Team Financial Issues!
Reece and Libby, GA

Listening to Dan on Financial Issues and becoming a partner with his ministry has blessed me in so many ways that to list them all would make this email too long.
What initially caught my attention was Dan’s biblical perspective on finances and his commitment to the Lord to teach good stewardship of God’s blessings.
I have been listening for almost two years and at first I thought I would never understand it all! But as I kept listening, my knowledge has continually increased and my husband and I are on our way to being better stewards of ALL our blessings, as well as being more financially prepared for the future.
Thanks Dan – we are praying for you, your family and Financial Issues!
Bonnie, VA

I am following Dan’s recommendations and feel safe with my investment planning now. I will continue to fund it following Dan’s advice.
Joe, GA

Your ministry has blessed me in so many ways over almost the 3 years now. Your sound, biblically-based guidance has quieted what would otherwise be many unrestful nights. Many of your “buy” suggestions have netted captured gains of 30% or more in a short period of time, thus more than covering the financial cost of my priceless partnership with you. Perhaps the most priceless benefit to date was when you and other partners prayed for my healing from cancer and financial situation on a conference call not quite a year ago. You are truly a “Christ-centered” ministry and only the blood of Our Lord can cover the priceless ministering that I receive. Thank you, Brother
Daryle, OH

I haven’t been a member for long but I find a peace about the stocks that Dan picks, knowing that he has done all the research and verifies that they agree with Gods principles to his best knowledge. I also love the idea that we are supporting the Word of God through our partnership.
Steve, KS

I just want to say thank you for sharing your wisdom, your love for GOD and your love for this country. Thank you for your continuous dedication, time, and efforts to educate us and help us to make wise decisions and to protect our families, and for the encouragement to change the current path of our country. I love your show and look forward every day to hear what you have to say. I have been blessed since I started using your pick list. The $85 I paid to be become a member has been my best investment ever. Thank you for your courage. I wish there will be more “Dans” in this world. May GOD bless you and protect you and your family!! Your sister in Christ,
Elvia, TX

Just wanted to say I am Thankful to be a part of this Fantastic Team. It has helped me in ways that I never would have thought possible. Thank You, Mr. Dan, and Your Committed Staff for All the Advice and Knowledge that You Share.
Mike, WV

I have been involved in investing for 40 years. My first job was for a financial advisor and I have dealt with many of them over the years and sad to say, I don’t trust most of them. I love being a partner with Financial Issues. As long as I follow Dan’s advice, I have not lost any money and if I don’t always agree with a particular investment vehicle I can control the decision to buy or not. I feel great about the stocks that he recommends AND I know that God is honored in those investments. Oh yes, and the other great thing is I don’t have to check my stock hourly…which gives me time for a more productive life.
Patricia, TN

We have been serving clients with their trust and financial planning for almost 28 years and our goal has been to always put them first and be up front and honest with their current and future financial needs. We are in the second year of following Dan and his Financial Issues market and economic guidance. We hold some of the investments that he has recommended as well as pay attention to, heed, and look forward to his morning radio broadcast with current comments on the basket of issues (foreign and at home) that does and/or will influence the financial markets. Dan’s perspective from the Bible is an added bonus and will steady your thoughts even when participating within a conservative portfolio that can become bumpy in today’s politically-influenced economy. We have many market analysis available to choose from and have used several over the years. So if this old financial services subscriber can get a blessing from Financial Issues and listening to Dan in the morning, we are sure that you will receive much more than dollars in return for your subscription cost invested in the service.
David, NE

I can’t say I’m a complete novice. I opened my account with Schwab during Mr. Reagan’s 1st term. I then proceeded to bleed money because of being stuck in penny stock mode foolishness. Then I started listening to Dan. Though I can’t be as aggressive as I once was, we are seeing growth. And increase is always better than decrease. You have shown me that patience is not a bad thing to have. I Thank GOD for you. May His Most High Merciful Holiness continue giving you Wisdom.
Mark, VA

It’s mind boggling. I am new to all this but thankful that someone who is a Christian is giving me such great information.
Lee, CA

I love Financial Issues Ministries!! Thanks to Dan Celia at Financial Issues, I am learning how to manage some of my own retirement money. I was able to rollover an old 401K into an IRA and pick some stocks from Dan’s list. I have made a fair return too! Thanks Dan, I really appreciate you! You are always so kind and upbeat to all who call you, no matter what. You display a true Christian attitude! Keep up the good work!!
Terri, SD

I’m a senior and was looking for investments to bring in good dividends. About 6 months ago, thanks to your financial insight, I invested in COP and 4 other energy and utility stocks. What a surprise as COP has appreciated 15 dollars a share and I had 74 shares! The dividends are starting to come in and I am very happy. The two stocks listed in today’s letter look very interesting also. Thanks for being such a good mentor to the thousands who, like myself, did not have a clue about sound investing. I listen to you every day and thank the Lord for you.
Audrey, OK

You are a great help to me and I’m sure to all your listeners. I listen to your show and love all the good advice you give. I also buy some of the stock you mention and have done well with each one. But even if I sell at a loss. Thank you for your devotion to all of us and our God.
Darlene, IA

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Financial Issues is a Ministry rather than an investment firm. Dan Celia is an exemplary Christian Gentleman who gives excellent investment advice from a Christian Stewardship Perspective. Dan has many years of experience in the world of finance from his days on Wall Street, to his days managing six hundred million dollar accounts as an entrepreneur, to his current Ministry. I am no stranger to investing, have been an active investor for 25+ years with a respectable degree of success. Can say with a very clear conscience that being a Financial Issues Partner is well worth $85 per year. Whether you are new to investing or a seasoned investor, a partnership with Financial Issues is a blessing. Dan is an especially good and patient advisor to those who are new to the investment world. As a partner with Financial Issues, you will have access to the outstanding Financial Issues web-site features such as “Dan’s Picks,” and “instructional videos,” just to name a couple of the many. In addition, you will receive a weekly wrap-up e-newsletter of what’s happened in the world of finance, e-mail alerts for up to the minute financial information, and a monthly conference call. Haven’t seen anything comparable to this anywhere, anytime. There is one more important subject to mention, Dan Celia and Financial issues never ask for anything beyond the $85 per year membership. You will not receive “tons” of requests for donations. God has spoken to me through Financial Issues Stewardship Ministries. Best regards to all, and many thanks yet again to Financial Issues Stewardship Ministries.
George, NC

Dan has done in a short time what none of what another financial group did nor was it biblical in any way possible. So, thank you Dan again, and yes I have made gains on the other stocks on the buy list. Dan thank you for all the hard work that you all do. It feels good to make a little money knowing how hard you work. After going through Financial Issues, I learned a lot and being biblical with my money makes me happy very happy. So again thank you for your hard work; it really means a lot to me. Thanks so much for helping out those of us with a little money that is hard to earn.
John, NM

I am somewhat new at investing, around 3 years. My daughter was left an inheritance from her grandmother and we decided to invest it in companies that you recommended on your buy list. They have done well. The money that was invested was not a large amount, but she was able to make dividends and most of the companies have done well and we have sold a few that did well. She was able to put that money in her bank account which has helped with expenses for her college and life. We appreciate the research that you do and whenever we want to invest, we always check your list! Thanks so much, and may the Lord bless you and your ministry greatly!
Meredith, PA

Thank you for honest opinions about the stock market and educating us on being safe with the Lord’s money. I love watching your TV program when I can.
Dennis, SD

I love being a partner with Dan Celia and listening to him almost every morning. Before that I only knew how to save money; today I am not a scholar but so much more informed with my money matters and am able to make a difference as a good steward of the assets God has given me. Dan’s wisdom and knowledge have enabled me to invest, save and give towards God’s kingdom work. Thanks, Dan, for sharing and for being a help. I look forward to being able to attend another one of your Town Hall meetings! God bless—you are making a difference for me and many others!
Marcy, TX

I’m very thankful about this service. I’ve been able to materialize several transactions and all of those have been positive.
Octavio, AR

In the biblical story where the master gives his servants some cash to invest, by nature, I am the one who buries it in the ground and, as expected, it just sits there doing nothing. Thirty years ago, I started to put $1K-$2k in a (safe) money market IRA account annually. At the time, with current interest rates, I would have accumulated $1 million at retirement. Ha-ha, we know what’s happened in the last 10-15 years. I started to listen to Dan’s show about 4 years ago when I was spending so much time in the car as an on-the-road sales rep. After attending one of his seminars, I started to take “baby steps” and invest in “Dan’s picks.” I appreciate that he has done the studying on a particular stock and I enjoy listening to his reasoning on why he picks them. Through this information coupled with my own personal likes, I have done quite well. In three years, my average earnings have been 35.5%. He also points out the common mistakes most folks make: “Buy high” (get in on the exciting frenzy) “Sell low” (quick get out, the sky is falling). Another mistake he points out is that many mutual fund companies can be supporting businesses you don’t want to support, i.e. porn businesses. Dan talks in easy-to-understand terms, unlike an economic professor, and seems to genuinely enjoy sharing his God given talent with his listeners. You don’t have to be on guard with “what’s in it for him” like you feel when you speak to folks with investment firms. So, thank you Dan, you have helped me tremendously in more ways than one.
Sue, TX
P.S. I’m comfortably up to “teenager steps” now.

I am thankful to be a Financial Issues partner. For someone that had little knowledge of the stock market I have learned so much and it has helped me to make wiser decisions concerning my 401k and made me feel more confident about how, when, and how much I should invest.
Donald, AR

After about the 3rd time I listened, which was 3 years ago, I became a partner and continue to be one. Since I didn’t know much about what all was out there for me to invest in, and I also knew I wouldn’t put my money into any company/organization that went against my Judeo-Christian beliefs, I KNEW that I could trust Dan since he shares my beliefs. It is so comforting knowing that Financial Issues is available to me when I am ready to invest, and I thoroughly have faith and trust in them!! I am VERY THANKFUL for you, Dan, and the others who are “behind the scenes” there at Financial Issues!!
May God continue to bless you and the ministry there!
Carol, TX

Thank you, Dan, for your commentary towards the end of your program on 5/29/14 ~ Amen. No response needed. God Bless.
Jerry, PA

God bless you Dan. It is worth the $85 for your statement of faith alone! WOW! Keep running the race, brother, and continue to be a light to the world.
John, KS

Paula, TN

Attended a Town Hall meeting last night in Lafayette, LA and totally enjoyed it. I am sorry we had to leave just as questions were being asked. WE are definitely going to become members of your team. Thanks for your commitment/dedication!
Cindy, LA

Thank you for your witness for our Lord and Savior. Thank you for your concern and help for people and their financial needs. I wish I had found you years ago. `
Brother in Christ.
Terry, TX

You, like the rest of us, get mad at the so called Republicans caving in to the Liberals. I’m worried that we might really need to hit bottom before realization sets. Keep up your great work. I know others like us that partner with you to keep you on the air. God Bless you and your work.
Mike and Anne, MI

Thank you for being on the air and the ministry that you have. You have been a blessing to me and I am thankful for you and the stand that you take to be a man of the Word and to stand up for the things of righteousness. I am now a Biblically-responsible investor and thanks to your guidance through my partnership with FI, I have never done better.
Dan, WI

You are a blessing to those who listen and have a true heart to help others. I know that someone with your talents and abilities could be doing a lot of other things to make a living. But you have chosen to sacrifice and to do what God has called you to do. Keep up the great work. Thanks for being there for all of us. I hope many continue to partner with you.
Beth, TN

God bless you, brother. You have been an answered prayer for me and my family. We have a small business and some investments and, as a partner in Financial Issues, you have helped us so much.
Mike, MN

I am thankful to FI for stressing the importance of buying utilities for our income.
James, MS

I just wanted to thank you for your comments on AFR today. I agree and appreciate that you are willing to speak the truth. When are the Republicans going to take this country back and stop all this craziness????? Who is willing to take up the fight?
Margret, WA

I am so thankful for this ministry and Dan’s God-based financial advice! Every broadcast and this website brings not only sound financial advice, but great commentary on current events and how they impact the Christian investor. Thank you Dan!
Mike, UT

In June I became a member. I think this is an outstanding ministry to help people with their finances. Dan gives good advice and is available to to answer their questions and I feel he is sincerely concerned about helping us do the right thing with the money God has given us. Another thing I learned from this ministry is information about the Timothy Funds which has zero tolerance for investing in things that are not honoring to God. This ministry will give you a moral screening of your investments so you will know where your money is being invested. It will help you to make wise decisions. Thanks, Dan, for all your honoring God and helping us.
Morgan, MD

Bro Dan- Thank you So much for this Sound-Advice! We will definitely pull back and continue to look for a better buy/opportunity. Becoming a Partner was the best investment I have made. I have gotten several guys at our Church listening to you as well. You are a blessing to this Nation.
William, OR

Thx Dan for doing the research you share through your partnership. Your web-site is understandable and I now feel comfortable investing on my own. The best thing is knowing I am honoring God with the money He has blessed me with. God bless, brother Dan.
Darren, MT

I have only been with you for a couple of years. I try to listen to you every morning. I am 63, and the “millionaire next door.” So I really try to protect God’s blessings as I approach my retirement. I hope everyone will partner with to get your insights and keep you on the air.
Thanks for all you do. You are truly a blessing in my life.
Adam, NV

I just want to tell you that we appreciate all you do. You have many listeners here and we always tell people to listen to you. I hear in your voice your frustration about what is going on, and I feel the same, but please stay strong; I know you won’t give up. You are an inspiration to a bunch of us. I hope all will consider the important work you do and Partner with the Ministry.
David, WY

My husband and I are members and want to thank you for your work in the financial issues ministry. We have regained control over our investments and what you have recommended has far outdone our former financial advisor. And we are Biblical now!
Bea, CO

Dan, your show is the best. I have learned a lot from you and I believe God will bless you for all the help you provide. Keep up the good work and God Bless. I will be praying for you and hope many will partner and support your ministry.
Mitch, KY

This is my favorite radio program. Thank You for keeping us in the loop. I have just started investing since God has blessed me with your partnership. God bless you, Mr. Celia.
Liz, MO

I listen to your program every Saturday morning…it has truly been an education and a blessing! I pray that the support for FI continues. Thank you for all you do, Dan.
Sara, NE

My partnership with FI has been such a blessing. You have been used of God to touch more lives than you’ll ever know this side of glory. And, may God’s blessings continue to pour into your life beyond measure!
Jan, SC

Thanks for all you do for us. It’s amazing how much I’ve learned since becoming a partner with your ministry. My whole attitude toward stewardship has changed for the best!
Constantine, LA

I accidentally started listening to you about a month ago while trying to tune in Founders Week on my local Christian radio station & WOW, am I glad I did. You have opened my eyes to financial issues I didn’t even realize I had! I am a city letter carrier and my TSP was always considered “extra” until my divorce 2 years ago. Now, as a 42 yr old single mom, I realize how important it really is. I have always had 100% of my money in the G-fund, simply because it was safe. I’m learning from your program & taking notes like crazy. Thank you so much for all you do and especially for being a man of God.
Sheri, ND

I have been praying for an answer to my question for a few months now. I have proceeded with each thought and idea that I felt God placed in my head to get as close as I could to the amount of income I failed to claim. Then I came to the end of all the searching and calculating and have been waiting for the last bit of direction. My thoughts about the restitution I needed to do were similar to yours. What I wasn’t sure about was if fear was getting in the way and I did not have enough trust in God to take this to the IRS with all the unknowns that would bring. I am encouraged by your response and will pray about this as you suggested. Thank you so very much for your advice. And Yes – Praise God – I am forgiven!! May God continue to bless you! You help so many with your God-given talents.
Karen, OK

One big question (????) DO YOU EVER SLEEP? Probably not too much, Dan. You have a great ministry for GOD!!! Let’s pray that everyone will become a partner, the best investment decision one could make. Thanks to you and all involved in HIS work!!! Now go get some rest, bro…
Richard, Texas!

Thank you so much for Tuesday’s conference call. I learned so much about bonds. God has truly given gifted you with the ability to analyze financial matters but also with the ability to teach your partners in a straight-forward understandable way. I plan on applying the info to our portfolio and will do so with confidence. You are right when you say that one will not regret the $85 spent to be a partner.
Blessings to you and your loved ones.
Elaine, Dallas, TX

Dan Celia is the best! Becoming a partner at Financial Issues is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Thanks to Dan’s picks, my investments are generating good income, with stable steady growth…and honoring God. Thank you, Dan for representing decent, hard-working folks like us.
Christopher Boorman, CT

I have been a member of Dan’s group for about three years and I have been very satisfied with the service he provides for a limited outlay in cash. I have tried several different types of newsletters in the past and have not found any of them to be as helpful or economical as Dan’s newsletter. I would recommend it highly to any Christian who has an interest in doing the Master’s will with their financial gifts that God has given to each of us. God bless,
Alan Wagoner, IN

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