Is a Recession on the Horizon?

July 05, 2017

After what many have called the “Trump Bump,” is the economy now heading toward a downturn?

Financial expert and nationally syndicated television radio host Dan Celia says a “correction” is probably more realistic, and any correction that does occur will be inflicted by the government.

Economically inept men and women are currently in power in Congress and rarely think about the economy when they consider policy. Some don’t even look at the markets, Celia adds, but are more concerned with politics.  

Celia points to the lack of action on much-needed tax reform and the delay on health care reform as evidence. The pause on a health care vote has hindered the legislative process and will now postpone tax reform even longer, he says.

“Tax reform should have been the first thing out of the shoot,” Celia says.

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