Give Health Care Back to the States

July 04, 2017

The Senate has pushed pause on the “Better Care Reconciliation Act,” delaying a possible vote until after the Fourth of July break. But financial expert and nationally syndicated television radio host Dan Celia says lawmakers missed their chance to take action for their constituents and possibly impact the economy.

“As with any legislation, no one will agree on every aspect of the health care ‘repeal-and-replace’ bill,” Celia says. “But from a financial perspective, it is encouraging that the ‘Better Care Reconciliation Act’ makes a concerted effort to address the major flaws within the Affordable Care Act that were a debilitating financial drain on millions of Americans. Under this new law, Americans would be freed from being forced to purchase health insurance they did not want or could not afford—or be slapped with a penalty. And small businesses wouldn’t be hamstrung by regulations to provide health insurance to their employees, which had forced them to cut their workforce, rely on part-time employees or announce a hiring freeze.

“Just as important,” Celia continues, “millions of dollars in Obamacare taxes will be cut, and Americans will be able to set aside money, tax-free, in health savings accounts for their medical expenses. Some of the ideals set forth in this bill would make a real difference financially for American families and business owners.”

Celia added that the sticking point of rumored Medicaid cuts would be a non-issue if the bill returned Medicaid control to the states—and to the 50 governors who already know how to run Medicaid programs for their residents.

View a video from Celia on this topic here.

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