Will the Air Strike in Syria Lead to Uncertainty in the Markets?

April 07, 2017

Financial Expert Dan Celia Says President’s Move Was Decisive

PHILADELPHIA, Pa.—Will last night’s U.S. air strike on a Syrian airbase have an impact on the market? That’s a question financial expert and nationally syndicated host Dan Celia and others are seeking to answer.

Around noon today, the Wall Street Journal reported that U.S. stocks remained steady. CNN reported that the response to Syria’s chemical weapons attack brought mixed reactions, with some lauding the action as long overdue and others condemning it as “an aggression.”

Celia wrote in a new column today for Townhall.com, where he is a regular contributor, that President Donald Trump’s decisiveness actually shows strength and certainty.

“Some on Wall Street are indicating this move could mean uncertainty for the markets,” Celia said. “And we all know, of course, how much markets hate uncertainty. I don’t believe this brings uncertainty at all, but rather certainty that America will use its strength and will do what is necessary for humanitarian reasons. President Trump’s actions also further strengthen the agenda of peace through strength.

“President Trump took very decisive action with the support of our allies—the keyword being ‘decisive,’” he continued. “Decisiveness, strength with precision and an unwavering commitment to a well-thought-out plan is not uncertainty. Around the globe, we can expect some uncertainty in the reaction of others, but remember, they will be reacting with the understanding that there is a new sheriff in town.”

Read Celia’s entire column here.

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