Dems Can’t Squash the Optimism

March 06, 2017

Democrats are literally trying to sit on the optimism that is permeating not only Washington, but Wall Street and Main Street as well.

Many of President Donald Trump’s most outspoken opponents stayed in their seats last week while Republicans and many Americans stood up and cheered during his stellar address to Congress.

But the Dems can’t keep squashing the optimism, says financial expert and nationally syndicated television and radio host Dan Celia, especially as the markets surged after Trump’s address and continue to do so.

“During his recent speech, it became more obvious than ever that this president is not about representing the ideology of any particular political party or, for that matter, his own personal ideology or agenda,” Celia wrote in a new column for, where he is a regular contributor. “This is a president who is interested in eliminating the political cesspool that is Washington. Maybe he knows and understands that change will happen as real leadership steps up to the plate. He realizes that the American people will follow his lead, leaving politicians little choice but to honor the wishes of those who hire them.”

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