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Why should I not keep my mutual funds? - Download

Should I put money in an Annuity? - Download

What can I do to keep from moving into a higher tax bracket? - Download

We have very limited income is there anything we can do to help our future? - Download

Should we buy Gold? - Download

Should Bankruptcy be an option for Christians? - Download

Will Social Security be going away? - Download

I have a fairly well diversified portfolio with an investment adviser. I'm considering some investing on my own through online brokers, i.e. Schwab, ETrade, Scottrade. What do you recommend? - Download

How can I know what kind of companies I'm investing in with my mutual funds? - Download

Would conversion from a Traditional IRA to a Roth avoid the "qualified money" definition? Is this worth pursuing? - Download

Have you heard about investing in the Iraqi Dinar? - Download

I have been studying Jesus' words about money, and I found that He was virtually always negative (or at least "neutral"). The closest I found to a "positive" view of money in the gospels were the "stewardship" parables. But whatever those mean, they can't contradict Jesus' specific command "not to store up earthly treasures." Isn’t this true? - Download

What is an IRA and why do I need one? - Download

I am retired and am looking for a safe investment. What would be best? - Download

What is the difference between a Roth IRA, a Traditional IRA, and a 401k? - Download

Can I invest with you and how much do you charge? - Download

Should I use my Life Insurance Cash Value to pay off my debt? - Download

What is a safe bank? - Download

What is biblically-responsible investing which I often hear you talk about? - Download

As I have been listening to your radio program in recent months, I am convicted about investing in companies that are displeasing to GOD and supporting causes that I firmly disagree with. I would like to honor my Biblical principles AND protect the principal without being penalized. What should I do? - Download

My husband is considering applying for a $10,000.00 burial-expense Life Insurance policy ("modified term life" insurance). Do you see this as a good thing to do or are there other means of planning for burial expenses that would be better? - Download

On your stocks picks page for partners, you have most of your buys marked as a “hold” what does that mean? - Download

What do I get if I become a partner of your website? - Download

When should I refinance my mortgage? - Download

Should be I saving more money or be paying off my debt? - Download

I have no debt except my mortgage. Should I work to pay it off or save and invest more? - Download

I receive Social Security Disability and some other income. Should I tithe on that? - Download

How does one go to cash in an IRA or 401k? - Download

What kind of strategy should I have for My TSP account? - Download

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